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made for life

We take our role in protecting your day-to-day life seriously, surpassing EU safety standards to keep your family smiling from that first trip home to the first day of school.

no such thing as too safe

Your baby gear should work hard for you every single day. That's why we push our products to the extreme during testing: We want to make sure they're up for any challenge you may face.

certified safe

Many of our car seats have passed the toughest independent tests in the industry

tested for life

Let's see how our really tough products stack up against your really unpredictable life...

our lab

your life

Our swings sway for 1000 hours

our lab

your life

Pushchairs stroll 160km over tough terrain

our lab

your life

Harnesses are tightened 10,000 times

our materials


formula for safety

We test for more than 150 different toxic substances to ensure your child's gear is safe even down to its basic ingredients.


weave the magic

Our woven fabrics knit together all the essentials. They're soft yet easy-clean, wet and wind resistant to keep kiddos cosy.


knit to last

Our breathable soft knit fabrics are carefully designed to both weather your biggest adventures and sustain the earth you explore.


super strength

We use only high-quality materials in creating their gear: like aero-grade aluminium, super-strength steel and undiluted plastics.


lasting joy

We want your babies to keep smiling long after they've grown out of their gear. This means doing our part to protect where they live and play.

less waste, more space

We recycled over 1,000 tons of plastic between 2005 and 2018, in order to keep our contributions to landfills minimal, preserving air and soil quality.

solar super power

Our solar power has reduced greenhouse gas emission by 1536.5 tons so far - the carbon reduction of 153,650 trees. Because we want the only changes we make to your kiddo's earth to be positive ones.

put to good (re)use

With water shortages plaguing much of the world, we don't take our water usage lightly. Thanks to our industrial treatment station, we reuse 80% of our wastewater to lessen our consumption.

making more with less

Our energy consumption has decreased over the past 3 years, even as our production has increased. This means we can protect more kids through safer gear AND a safe environment.

share joy

share joy

Nothing makes us happier than spreading joy to the families around us - that's why our core mission is to give back. Each family faces a different set of challenges, and we're grateful for opportunities to help.

joy on the job

We advocate for joy-filled jobs by creating a safe and pleasant work environment, celebrating our team members' skills and helping them develop their gifts



Our employees deserve to relax outside of work hours, so Joie’s facilities offer a gym, table tennis courts, and our own soccer league to help keep our happy family smiling. We also host lots of social events because we like a good party!


health & safety

While we want working at Joie to be fun, we don’t want any risk or danger listed as a thrill of the job. To this end, we’re continually conducting safety training and inspections and provide annual health exams for our production personnel.


giving back

It’s important that we spread joy outside the family as well, so we encourage our employees to volunteer through charity events, blood drives and encouraging the socially disadvantaged.